C6 Car DAB Radio / Bluetooth Adapter
1. FM / DAB / DAB+ / Bluetooth/TF
2. With auto-scan function
3. Line-out
4. Bluetooth 4.2
5. Slide show function
6. Service Following Function
1.In-car DAB+ Radio receiver with Bluetooth player, Support FM transmitter

2. Easy to use, Plug & Play DAB, instantly upgrade your cars audio system with no installation. 

3. Using the FM transmission for sound output,you can also enjoy the DAB+ radio even your car radio without DAB+ function.

4. CD-Sound quality and noise-free in excellent transmission, which make DAB Radio broadly accessible to most of Europe.

5. High audio quality output via AUX.(AUX Cable NOT included)

6. With Bluetooth function,it will be more convenient and safe for you to answer phone calls or listen to Bluetooth music while driving.
TF card MP3 player
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