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Transmitter fm for car, by bluetooth or audio cable, cheap, listen to the mobile by the speakers of the radio
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What is a car fm transmitter for?

The problem is this: Listen to the music you have on your mobile phone through your car‘s speakers, for this it is necessary that the music of the mobile phone be reproduced through the car radio.

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I have all the music on my mobile and I would like to listen to it on the car‘s speakers through the radio, but it turns out that my car radio is old, it does not have a line input or bluetooth to connect the phone.

The solution is to buy a fm transmitter for cheap car, either by bluetooth or audio cable. In any case it will allow you to listen to the music of your mobile on the car radio, no matter how old and old the car radio is, we go with all the details.

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To hear the music of your mobile in the car there are three possible ways:

1. Connect your mobile to the radio of the car by bluetooth and enable the streaming mode, in this way you will control the music from the mobile and it will sound through the speakers of the car.

2. Connect your mobile phone with audio cable to the car radio, it is the same as in the previous case, you use a wired audio input to control the music from the mobile and to ring on the car speakers.

3. Connect your mobile phone to your car by USB, in this way the radio can access the music files of your mobile, in this case the mobile acts as if it were a USB memory stick and the car radio controls the music playback.

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The problem is that many cars do not allow to use any of these three methods, there are many car radios that do not have bluetooth, or audio input, or USB connector ... then How to play the music of the mobile on an old car radio?

The answer is using a car fm transmitter, with it you can send the music of your mobile to the car‘s radio fm so that the sound plays on the speakers, it does not matter if the radio is old.

The only requirement is that your car radio has an FM antenna, that is, be able to play normal radio stations in the FM band, this is the only thing you need, in addition the FM transmitter works for mobile phones with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry .

How a car fm transmitter works
Bluetooth fm transmitter for car
This transmitter is connected to the current through the 12V socket of the car, you know, the typical one where the cigar lighter goes for those who smoke cigarettes.

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Then the fm transmitter is connected to your mobile phone via bluetooth, as if you were connecting a handsfree, a headset or any other wireless bluetooth device, it could not be easier to setup it.

Once the FM transmitter is connected to the mobile you can start playing music, you go to your favorite player on your Android or iPhone mobile, select a song and play it.

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Cable fm transmitter for the car

The idea is the same as in the previous section, but in this case the fm transmitter is connected directly to the mobile, using the 3.5mm headphone jack connection. This way you save using the bluetooth wireless connection, it is another way to do the same in case your mobile phone does not have bluetooth.

In this case, the fm transmitter is not connected to the car‘s 12-volt socket, but carries a small battery inside, so the system is more portable, since you can take it connected to the mobile anywhere, you do not need to electric cable.

These cable fm transmitters come with a USB connector, which is used to charge your battery, you can also buy a converter between USB and 12V connector, so you can charge even from the car, never to run out of battery and music the speakers.